Fred Quant awarded Menkyo Kaiden The masters degree

February 2, 2011By Jeffrey Schwerzel


Fred Quant, who has been teaching Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo at Shin-ShinBuKen since 1982, has been awarded the highest degree possible in Jodo, the Menkyo Kaiden degree.

Fred036 During the 2011 FEJ Kagami Biraki, Fred Quant was awarded the Menkyo Kaiden by Pascal Krieger, together with Michel Colliard, Michel Ducret and Sergio Dieci. Unfortunately, due to emergency circumstances in the family, Fred was unable to attend the Kagami Biraki training, and the award was accepted in his stead by his student Christiaan Zandt.
D0319edt Fred began training in Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo in 1982, his first teacher was Christopher Sanmugam. In 1983 Pascal Krieger was invited to the annual Karate seminar in Vierhouten, Holland, after which Fred started training with Pascal, attending all FEJ seminars from 1984 on.
Fred became a licensed teacher (Shoden) in 1988. The traditional degrees of Oku iri (1994), Shomokuroku (1997) and Gomokuroku (2004) followed through the years.
The Menkyo Kaiden is the highest degree in the Shinto Muso Ryu, signifying that the full teachings of the ryu have been transmitted. At the same time, the Menkyo Kaiden is a full teaching license, permitting the holder to teach all techniques in the ryu. Menkyo Kaiden degrees are rare and few are awarded. All traditional degrees from Shomokuroku are recorded in the official scrolls of the ryu in Japan.
jogroep Fred was congratulated by an immensely proud jo-group. During jo class, Fred showed the elaborate and long scroll with beautiful calligraphy. scroll Having received his Menkyo Kaiden degree, Fred has no intention of slowing down training. So twice a week on Wednesday and Friday, fierce kiai can be heard in the Shin-ShinBuKen dojo!

See here for a impression of the celebration in Shin-ShinBuKen dojo


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